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A weekly sprinkle of positivity, self-care &wellness, mindfulness, and guided meditations.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Inspirational Leadership

    This episode provides tips to be a inspirational leadership. ...


  2. Releasing Anxiety with Meditation

    This episode explores the benefits of meditation to reduce anxiety. ...


  3. Guided Meditation: Letting Go of The Day.

    In this meditation you can let go of all your worries tension. This is your time to relax. ...


  4. Why Use Mantras and Affirmations?

    Affirmations can be used for so many things in your life, from encouraging more positive thinking, getting more intention for what you do each day, becoming healthier inside and out, and yes, reducing stress and anxiety. This episode helps you to understand exactly why mantras and affirmations help with your ...


  5. Friday Master Class: What to do with your hands during meditation.

    This episode teaches the various hand positions for meditation. ...