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A weekly sprinkle of positivity, self-care &wellness, mindfulness, and guided meditations.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. What You Can Learn When Life Gets a Little Rough

    This episode explores lessons we can learn that will serve us well as we move through changes. ...


  2. Guided Meditation: Perfect 10 Breaths

    Using the breath to expand awareness of perfection. Perfection is not a furtive condition, or future state kf mind. Perfection can only exist here and right now. Perfection arises in the present moment. ...


  3. Active Relaxation for Clarity of Thinking.

    This episode explains how active relaxation activities can help you to achieve better mental health and broader sense of personal wellbeing. ...


  4. Guided Meditation "Sky-Like Mind"

    Using the breath to acknowledge thoughts and movements in the mind like clouds in the sky. ...


  5. 5 Steps To Boost Your Motivation Skills

    If you are currently experiencing a dry spell in the way of Motivation or even if you have never thought of yourself as a driven individual this episode shares 5 helpful steps that can be an effective way to enhance your overall Motivation and drive to achieve the goals you ...