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A weekly sprinkle of positivity, self-care &wellness, mindfulness, and guided meditations.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Friday's Master Class- Igniting Self Love with Meditation

    This episode discusses how meditation is a practice that can help you to have more love for yourself.  This is a simple and low-cost way to enhance how you feel about yourself and create a foundation for peace, happiness, and joy ...


  2. Guided Meditation 5-Spot Stress Eraser

    This episode explores breathing and focusing techniques to stay calm in stressful situations. ...


  3. Inspirational Leadership

    This episode provides tips to be a inspirational leadership. ...


  4. Releasing Anxiety with Meditation

    This episode explores the benefits of meditation to reduce anxiety. ...


  5. Guided Meditation: Letting Go of The Day.

    In this meditation you can let go of all your worries tension. This is your time to relax. ...