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Latest Episodes…

  1. Season 2 Episode 38 "Are You Living In The Past? Stop and Start Making Your Future Brighter"

    Have you ever been told to stop living in the past? People will often say this in an attempt to provide encouraging advice about moving on with your life. It sounds easy, but is it? This episode provides tips on how to move forward and effectively grow from her past.   ...


  2. Season 2 Episode 37: "Comfort Zone and Personal Values"

    Growth begins when you step out of your comfort zone. You will then see more doors of opportunity opening before your eyes. Personal values are ethical principles that form your internal beliefs about what is good and what is important to you. They are what you stand for, your viewpoints, ...


  3. Season 2 Episode 36: "Strategies to Cope with Anxiety"

    This episode examines several helpful strategies you can employ to cope with anxiety.  ...


  4. Season 2 Episode 35: "Understanding your Window Of Tolerance"

    The Window of Tolerance is a term derived from the field of Neuroscience which is the scientific study of the nervous system. In 1999, Dr. Dan Siegel, a Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, coined the term in his book The Developing Mind, to ...


  5. Season 2 Episode 34: "Compassion Fatigue"

    Compassion fatigue is a term used to describe the physical, emotional, mental, and psychological effect that comes from helping others, especially those who are traumatized or suffering from any significant emotional damage. It often comes from accumulated stress or trauma resulting from being overwhelmed by the feelings, pain, and traumatic ...