The Positive Professional

--- Tracyavon ---

A weekly sprinkle of positivity, self-care &wellness, mindfulness, and guided meditations.
Brought to you by Tracyavon of The Positive Professional

Latest Episodes…

  1. Guided Meditation - Past, Present, Future

    Using the breath to practice present moment awareness to experience peace, joy, contentment and gratitude. ...


  2. Never Quit: Go After Your Breakthrough

    In memory of Chadwick Boseman. #WakandaForvever ...


  3. Guided Meditation - Infinite Awareness

    Using the breath to open awareness of your mind. Feeling the sensation of open spaciousness while spending time in a state of infinite potential. ...


  4. How a Little Self Care Can Improve Your Attitude

    Tips you can add to your daily life to improve your attitude ...


  5. Guided Meditation- Mindfulness of Speech

    Using the breath and focusing on the throat Chakra to honor commitments and contemplations of using words in a positive and meaningful ways. ...