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A weekly sprinkle of positivity, self-care &wellness, mindfulness, and guided meditations.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Season 2 Episode 23: "What Does It Mean to Empty Your Cup?"

    What does “emptying your cup” even mean? It means opening your mind and being receptive to new information. It means humbling yourself and knowing when it is appropriate to express your knowledge and when to put yourself in a learning mode. This episode explains how emptying your cup means increasing ...


  2. Season 2: Episode 22: "Living Abundantly by Showing and Sharing Gratitude"

    Would you like to live abundantly full of happiness and contentment? How about a life with better physical and mental health? You can greatly increase your chances of that happening by showing and sharing gratitude. This episode explores how practicing thankfulness and how grateful you are for people, and things ...


  3. Season 2 Episode 21: "Gaslighting and Social Media".

    Social media leaves you exposed and puts you at the mercy of people who don’t even try to have well-informed opinions before they express them. Essentially, anyone with the means to get online gets a say. This episode explains what gaslighting looks like on social media.  ...


  4. Season 2 Episode 20: Guided Meditation "Inner Peace"

    Inner peace refers to the state of psychological or spiritual calm despite the presence of factors that bring out the stress in us. In this guided meditation, we are going to first watch out for our breathing before going to a place where we find utmost peace and calmness. ...


  5. Season 2 Episode 19: "There is no Health without Mental Health"

    There really is no health without mental health. This is because health is a summation of wellbeing of the physical, mental and social aspects of your life. Many people are finding ways to stay healthier mentally because of how impactful poor mental health can be. This episode explores the differences ...